Lip Enhancement

 Lip Enhancement: Lip Injection & Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement procedures can add fullness to your lips, improve wrinkles around your mouth and better the lip contour and harmony with face features. Increasing volume to the lips with lip fillers will restore a fullness that has been lost with age or it can enhance lips that have always been thinner than desired.

Your Precious Lips:

Lips come in many different shapes. The balance for a beautiful lip procedure is to maintain the best contour between the upper/lower lips with the rest of the facial features.

The goal of lip enhancement is to better the features of your lip and make them beautiful and full. Lip enhancement procedures will add volume to the lips while maintaining the appropriate contour and balance.

If you are looking for a locally based lip filler surgeon then make sure you check out this helpful directory website.

If you are from Scotland though and are looking for an amazing lip enhancement surgeon in edinburgh , then make sure you check it out. You can also search and find lip filler surgeons in cardiff and the rest of the UK.

Your Key To A Healthy Lifestyle Starts In The Kitchen!

One thing people always ask me when talking about leading a healthy lifestyle is, how much exercise should I do?

That in itself presents a particularly challenging problem that we need to address…

It’s not just exercising more, but you must also eat a nutritionally balanced diet!

I honestly cannot stress this enough, you can go and bench 400lbs all day long but if you go home and eat french frieds and macdonalds your not going to be achieving that goal of leading a refreshing, healthy lifestyle are you?

So what I like to reply when people ask me that question is, how much exercise shouldn’t you do?

Think about it….if you exercise too much and eat too much your never going to see results. If you reverse that psychology and move more and eat less, you are scientifically guaranteed results. It’s pure science and maths!

Burn more calories than you consume = weight loss 101

When you break it down like that, it really isn’t very hard to understand! So what are the challenges people face when trying to overcome something that sounds so simple?


That’s right, eating junk food is the biggest cause of not getting results. you can go for your 5 mile run but if your going to replace those burned calories with a bigmac you may aswell of not bothered!

So how do you keep hunger at bay whilst leading a healthy lifestyle?

Dried Fruit or Beef Jerky

These are great, healthy and tasty snacks that you can eat on the go wherever you are! You can even make them from home with the help of a food dehydrator!

But, the question remains – what is the best food dehydrator?

There are SO many options to choose from here, different venting methods, trays, stackable, non-stackable, different dials and features etc.

There is just too much variation to go over in one blog post so i’m just going to point you in the direction of a website that helped me review and decide the best food dehydrator

On there you will find some very helpful articles on which could be the best one for you, there is also great links on the cheapest places to buy them!

Wrapping Up…

Just remember, move more and eat less. Scientifically proven results will follow.